Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves disputes between parties in which a judge, jury, or arbitrator ultimately decides which party prevails after a trial.  After trial, the parties may appeal the decision to an appellate court.  Over the course of 16 years, Jason P. Kane has tried multiple civil cases at the trial court level, in arbitration, and litigated at the appellate level.

Civil litigation encompasses a broad range of topics.  While the subject matters vary, the procedure is generally the same in the applicable venue.  Further, the disputes usually involve monetary claims or seek to prohibit one party from taking certain action.

Jason P. Kane has litigated numerous different subject matters that fall within the purview of civil litigation.  For example, Mr. Kane has litigated the following types of civil disputes:

  • contract disputes arising out of a variety of topics
  • corporate disputes involving shareholders and/or members, including derivative actions
  • covenant disputes with HOA
  • defamation actions relating to individuals publishing false information about another
  • eminent domain or the taking of property by a government entity
  • employment disputes, including discrimination claims and wrongful termination
  • franchise agreement disputes
  • insurance coverage disputes, including bad faith claims
  • personal injury such as injuries arising from slip and fall or automobile accidents
  • premises liability such as damage to a person or property while on an owner’s property
  • property loss and/or damage arising from fires and floods

Mr. Kane represents both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation.  For the past 16 years, Mr. Kane has filed suit on behalf of parties as well as defended parties in civil litigation.  Mr. Kane has the ability to litigate the case from the trial court level and see it through the appellate process.  Unlike some larger firms, an associate with little or no experience will not be assigned to the case.  Rather, Mr. Kane will be the sole attorney working on your matter.