Real Estate Law

Jason P. Kane litigates matters relating to commercial and residential real estate as well as performs transactional work related to real estate.

Mr. Kane has litigated disputes against insurance companies pertaining to claims arising out of the damage to real property, loss of real estate from fire, damage to real estate caused by flooding, and damage to real estate caused by hail. Having represented individuals who have suffered a total loss from fire, Mr. Kane can provide advice of what one can do to preserve his or her rights and document potential claims before a fire strikes or any other catastrophic event resulting in property damage. Mr. Kane has litigated cases involving the failure to disclose material defects in the sale of property, eminent domain disputes, easement disputes, and covenant disputes involving the HOA.

In regard to transactional work, Mr. Kane has reviewed and drafted contracts for real estate purchases. In terms of the sale of residential homes, Mr. Kane provides legal representation for the home buyer when the form contract provided by a realtor is not sufficient to address the transaction. In regard to new construction, before you take the big step of purchasing a home from a builder, Mr. Kane can advise you of the risks associated with entering into a contract with a builder by conducting a review of the proposed contract by the builder. In doing so, Mr. Kane can advise the client of potential changes that would be in the best interest of the buyer. Mr. Kane can also assist in drafting covenants, easements, and documents for the transfer of real estate.